How to fight cellulite? Here is a collection of the best tips!

truth about celluliteYour biggest complex is orange peel? Already win the battle against cellulite!

Here are the biggest allies of cellulite!


Fast-food chains

Stimulants (coffee, alcohol, cigarettes) lack of exercise

Hormone Pills


Basis cellulite is any drink large amounts of water. it helps flush from the body metabolic products. Moreover, forces the kidneys to work, which prevents the retention of body fluid

Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day – most of mineral water

In addition, the attitudes on the green or red tea (without sugar)

Coffee limit to a minimum

What eradicate orange peel?

Preparations cellulite is not only gels and lotions for lubrication. It is also slices and even so. Nutraceuticals, or cosmetics in a nutshell. Least troublesome in use are cosmetic anti-cellulite patches. Simply attach them to the buttocks or thigh, and one hour secrete active substances. Slices have a different size.


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