Modern kids are playing the game before moving replace computers

Modern technology has led to the fact that kids are becoming more sedentary. Sometimes they need to play games to satisfy the front of the house, and now in front of the computer. Lack of movement disease is 21.og century, and now is the lack of movement is present in children from an early age. As a parent, you have a large influence on their children, and they could try to change it. Increasingly parents notice that their children are too passive. Exercise is necessary for normal physical and mental child; modern children are playing the game before moving replace computers.

Joey Atlas Truth – Diseases that were once almost exclusively adult diseases, now massively appear even in early childhood. Backache, diabetes and obesity are the most common kind of health problems, adults, and which are increasingly affecting children and appeared in early childhood. The medical profession claims to be just a regular movement of key factor in the prevention of these health problems. Belongs to you and your child in those small passive who prefer to spend leisure time in front of TV and computer, try to resort to one of the following ideas to motivate the child to regular exercise. If your child is still a kid, try to implement some of the following ideas to get started.

Sporting Schools Try to enroll in any of the sports school. The sports schools, children are introduced to different sports and variety of content is what the kids like. It is well known that children quickly lose concentration, and thus be stopped changing exercise and sports, and kids do not lose interest in exercise. In this way, the child from an early age to acquire a positive attitude towards the movement and adopt positive lifestyle habits that are associated with the sport and discipline is certainly one of the most important.

When she meets a variety of sports will help you later decide that he is most comfortable with, and coaches will advise you in that sport that later usmjrite child, given his predisposition. sure not from an early age the child make the training of only one sport, maybe child that does not like sports. There is a big chance that your child hates the movement if it is forced to do something it does not like.

Live your missed dream of becoming a football player or a ballerina in Dynamo FC over your child! Also, the sports school, the child will make new friends and good company is what makes will gladly go to training. Remember that you love to go to the gym, where a good team. Organize a party for your child and his buddy Invite your child’s friends at your home (especially if you have a yard), and design games that kids can play, and the whole time range. At least some will seek, and yet remain in the domain of their favorite computer games. If you have a garden, kids can learn all those good old games that were once played tag, hide and seek, dodge ball … Check benefits here =>

If we are all able to play in front of the house for years with its neighbors and has grown as the normal (?) And healthy people, why not be able to play today’s kids?

Take your child for a walk from childhood insert walk as usual daily activities. Children do not like every day to do the same things so it would be nice to constantly changing route and so interesting, just a kid. Weekend hiking is a great way of spending quality time with family. In addition to all active, you can talk through all the things that you do not arrive during the week because of the many obligations. So you get the child out in detail who got into an argument with anyone in kindergarten and who is in love with anyone in the class. And with his wife arrive exchanged by thought, and that does not apply to taking out the trash and pay bills. If you start fighting in the way, only accelerate the pace, and you’re sure no one will cry! Kids love the activities in which they are involved and parents. Joint mountaineering provides a positive example for your child. Of course, there are no better beans with sausage from the one at the end of the climb.


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