Cell phones can be a positive influence on health?

Fourth study showed that technology, especially cell phones, can significantly help people to be active. Given the fact that in the world for more than four billion users of SMS messages, experts believe it would be an effective way to send messages about health, especially in countries with low income.

Joey Atlas Truth – “With the high level of physical activity and the rapid development of mobile technologies in countries with lower or middle-income countries, there are various options that can affect global health,” wrote Dr. Michael Pratt, a researcher from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to this study, Pratt and his team estimated that the use of technologies based on the use of the Internet could be twice as effective in countries with middle and higher incomes, taking into account that 71 percent of the world’s population lives in these countries, and many of them use mobile phones.

“This is a big challenge, but progress has been recorded in countries like Colombia and Brazil shows that it is achievable,” he said. Stasis disease 21st century recent study recommends viewing physical activity as a global pandemic and dealing with it as a pandemic disease.

“The role of physical activity remains undervalued despite the evidence of its benefits, ” wrote Harold Kohl, a researcher at the School of Public Health at the University of Texas and lead author of the research, and urged states to take action to increase physical activity. Check benefits here

“Physical inactivity is problem that is present in many sectors and that requires cooperation, coordination and communication among multiple partners,” he wrote, citing in particular the city planners, traffic engineers, responsible for schools, parks and recreation and the media.

He said that nearly 75 percent of the member countries of the World Health Organization there are plans to improve the level of physical activity, but only 55 percent went to the realization of this plan, and only 42 percent of plans in the implementation allocated sufficient funds.


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