The most common disease of lactating mothers

It is always necessary to observe the reactions of babies and it is preferable to apply the medication immediately after breast-feeding.

Learn more => – The most common disease of lactating mothers – Rhinitis and cold are the most common problems that mothers can meet. In this case, antibiotic therapy is not recommended, but the muffler only symptoms of the disease.

Angina is a condition that can sometimes tease. Treatment prefers to choose by your doctor. Influenza-like illness can be cured aspirin or aspirin.

Moms Take care of your health – New mother should take care not only about the health of their babies, but they should also think of yourself. It is necessary to pay close attention to prevention. Do not go right with a small baby to the supermarket and receive visits only if you feel rested and things that are good to you and needless prefer to avoid. There is nothing more important than your health and your baby. Treat yourself to a healthy and balanced diet, preferably rest.

Power of Herbs – Postpartum period is very appropriate to recognize the healing effects of a variety of herbs. Try as tea from strawberry and raspberry leaves, linden tea or chamomile. Read my story =>

We need milk – Many lived in good health throughout life without drinking milk or consume any dairy products. If we want to consume milk and low-fat or non-fat rather in smaller quantities for cooking or cereal with milk is the ideal food but only for infants – and maternal milk.


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