Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite – The best herbs for lymphedema and cellulitis

Joey Atlas Truth about Cellulite- Lymphedema and herbal supplements

These supplements serve two main functions. First, detoxifying the body, and secondly, to increase the circulation of fluids in the body.

Before taking any herbal supplements is a survey:

1. Is this herbal supplement safe?

Two. There are reports of potential toxicity and side effects?

Three. How the herb will help our ailments?

4. How will it affect any other medical conditions we have?

5. What are the contraindications for any prescription drug use?

The appropriate herbs for lymphedema


Get answers here – This is perhaps the most widely used supplement in the treatment of lymphoedema.

-Used throughout India and Europe, has not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States.

-Located in a variety of plants, such as tonka bean, lavender, sweet clover and licorice.

This factor-bound intermediate protein, with the result that the protein fragments to pass more freely through the venous capillaries and to be able thus to remove from the body.

-There have been many reports of liver damage from the substance.

Or herb horse chestnut Horse Chestnut or Aesculus

Contains a quantity and a coumarin compound called escin which strengthen tissues lymphatic vessels, capillaries and veins.

Grape Seed Extract

-This is used as an antioxidant agent to assist in the purification of the body against free radicals. Also, grape seed extract can help prevent cardiovascular disorders and may help treat various eye disorders.

Bromelain or Bromelain

-Derived from pineapple that has natural enzymes that break down proteins and thus furthering digestion. Also used as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps in the treatment of cellulite with taantiviotika and other infections. Doctors tell this way =>

-Should not be used when someone receives anticoagulants.

Lime or Linden Is an herbal supplement derived from linden tree. The flowers have diuretic properties and application topically promotes the healing of wounds and helps in the treatment of cellulite.


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