Wear a mask or other protective equipment

Wear a mask or other protective equipment, if you work subject to inhaled irritants;

Eat plenty of water because it helps to dilute bronchial secretions and facilitates expectoration;

Avoid contact with people colds, flu or other diseases transmitted by the respiratory route; Truth about Cellulite

Do not restrict the productive cough;

Avoid comments and concerns regarding the disease. It is important in a quiet home. . When in crisis, give medicines prescribed by the doctor. Not improved, take the patient to the emergency room.

These include the same groups used in the treatment of asthma. In more severe cases you may need to use oxygen.


It is important not to consume foods that are in cans with lids or stewed with rancid odor.

Persons who do home canning should canned and meet conservation techniques: time, preparation and proper temperature to destroy the spores of the bacillus of botulism; Check this Link


Despite the application log in adolescents, mainly outside Brazil, it is not recommended to apply the medication before age 25.

“There is no contraindication, but no need,” says Ruben Hairstyle.
The doctor points out that in many cases it is very difficult for parents to impose limits to the children, but they are necessary.


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