Morbidity from a chronic disease

Since asthma is the leading cause of morbidity from chronic disease in childhood, it is important that governments are aware of its importance.

“More resources are needed for the introduction of effective programs of asthma control, in addition, we must pay particular attention should be given to ethnic minorities, who generally suffer more disease than social groups more fluent.” Truth about Cellulite

Dr. Ana Maria feels that work should ensure that any doctor treating asthma has the ability to convey appropriate information to patients of family members and other professionals involved in combating the disease.

On the other hand, educational programs must be developed for teaching techniques for inhalation and also the need to focus on early recognition and treatment of asthma.

Useful tips since most cases of allergic asthma, especially in children, some measures must be taken.

According to medical care is fundamental that can influence the quality of life of asthma, for example.

Preferably live in dry, warm, away from industries that loose dust or fumes… Check this Link

Avoid wet areas with dust or mold (molds) such as basements, cellars, libraries, attics, etc… . No smoking and no environments where there are smokers…

Find outdoor living, sport (mainly swimming). . Avoid contact with animals: birds, dogs, cats, horses. . In case you have to deal with dust, mold or odors irritating (wax insecticide): wear a mask “type painter” or improvise one with a damp cloth (handkerchief) Avoiding drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid (AA S) or its derivatives.


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