Prevention and correction of malnutrition

Prevention and correction of malnutrition, promote breastfeeding. Elimination of vitamin A deficiency can be prevented by protection from the cold, and risk factors for new-born babies. Prevention of air pollution in enclosed spaces a useful initiative.

Patient follow-up (Diagnosis and Treatment)

Respiratory infections, nose, throat, tonsils, nasal cavity, the vocal cords, including the trachea and the lungs in any part of the respiratory tract infections; Find inside Story

These infections can show it in various symptoms and complaints. These include: fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing, pain in the throat, runny nose, and ear problems shape.

Fever is common in acute respiratory tract infections.

Children reason, common cold at the back of the throat leading rhinitis buildup or progression of an inflammatory event, the lower respiratory tract.

Spends the majority of children exhibiting these symptoms mild infections, illness at home, the child’s family can be treated by the use of antibiotics.

Although the numbers of children suffering from pneumonia, to a lesser extent, the antibiotic therapy for children with these conditions are not observed, a lack of oxygen, the microbes into the blood as a result of disease can result in death. More Tips Here

Most pneumonia deaths, yet it is of two month old toddlers.

The World Health Organization has developed a practical method for the diagnosis of pneumonia. According to this method, the observation of the patient and the diagnosis of pneumonia by counting the number of breaths per minute are possible.


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