When the air conditioner is set at too low a temperature

Problems instead of refreshing may cause fan that forces air directly to humans. Dries the skin and causes burning eyes. Some people resent the fact that air conditioning and fans buzzing and that in the air-conditioned room cannot open the window.

Check This Link – The correct setting – Although the temperature is around twenty degrees ideal room temperature in the summer is not true. Proper climate control settings should be in the summer of five to seven degrees lower than the ambient temperature.

Where are we out 35 ° C, then the thermostat should be set up to 29th In fact, the temperature should still be about two or three degrees higher. This is because that the body does not suffer shock due to too big temperature differences. The most sensitive in this respect are children and the elderly.

When the air conditioner is set at too low a temperature, should a person than the issue of a cold office in the hot streets, while remain the unconditioned hallway and drink mineral water to avoid thermal shock.

If you are traveling by car, you do not ever air conditioner to maximum. If there are outdoor hot can with you when exiting occur even collapse of the circulatory system. Health and Fitness

The use of air conditioning in the car applies even stricter rules than the home. Maximum difference between the temperature in the car and outside it would in any case not exceed six degrees, advice doctors.


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