Contaminants in foodstuffs

In the food come up in the course of agricultural production, industrial processing or food preparation also, some non-carcinogenic substances that we use often, such as a food additive, may promote carcinogenesis indirectly by accelerating the degeneration of the tissues and causes proliferation of young forms of cells that are present carcinogenic substances in the body more easily transformed into tumor cells than adult cells. Check This Link

A typical example would be table salt with greater use of active degeneration of the lining of the stomach, and thus supports the creation of gastric cancer.

Contaminants in foodstuffs – The food of plant and animal origin can occur naturally toxic substances of various types and various effects, such as Strumigenys, mutagens, carcinogens, substances with hormonal action, etc. Some food ingredients can be highly toxic, but their concentration is so low that they are not higher risk for humans. Are dangerous for livestock that is accepts the plants sometimes in large quantities.

Health and Fitness – Eggs and meat – For your content to all substances necessary for the nutrition and growth of the fetus eggs have a high biological value. Eggs contain 11-13% protein and 10-12% fat. Fat is made up of 70% saturated fatty acids and their quality surpasses all other animal fats. However, it also contains large amounts of cholesterol. Eggs contain except vitamin C all known vitamins, particularly those liposoluble.


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