Disinfecting water and other house hold items

Joey Atlas Cellulite 1The brand, which is over 100 years in the market, brings the slogan ‘It’s part of the family for several generations. ”

The new campaign brings ads in major magazines of the country, on TV and merchandising movement of a car Promotional Philips Milk of Magnesia in major capitals.

The expectation is that, with the campaign, sales of Milk of Magnesia increase by 50% and that the product will become the company’s main product. Who signs the agency is Scale. Check This Link => http://health.reviewship.com/truth-about-cellulite-review/

An unprecedented action was also developed for consumers.

The Aspen Pharmacy provides, in mid-October, a hot site where Internet users can create a Virtual Album of the family to be passed down from generation to generation.

There will be space to insert family tree, the revenue that each family encrypts, the phrases, the main aspects that make each one of them is special and includes more than 80 photos. Consumers can share and send the album, which can also be printed to your relatives and friends present.

Hydrostatic celebrates 50 years

São Paulo-This is a year of celebration for one of the older products in the market.

The Hydrostatic, antibacterial sanitizer for disinfecting water, vegetables, fruit and milk kitchens, is present in the homes of Brazilians since 1963, completing 50 years. Health Fitness => http://health.reviewship.com/

With proven by the National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA), it only takes a few drops of the product to ensure the portability of water, the purity of food and hygiene of milk kitchens as bottles, pacifiers and even masks inhalation.



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