Treatment of periodontitis

Maternity clinic will provide support for family planning prospective parents; will help the expectant mother to bear her child, how to prepare for childbirth.

Check It over Here – For pregnant at the center of gynecology will observe personal gynecologist, who will lead the pregnancy. This survey is conducted woman, which includes the diagnosis and different analyzes and consultation of various experts.

Treatment of periodontitis – Our health – in our hands – many people know that careful control and monitoring of their health, the more of your teeth. Periodontitis – a dangerous disease of the teeth, the last stage of caries. This disease affects the skin root of the tooth and the adjacent tissue. The causes of this disease can be launched caries, or its improper treatment when left pockets of decay.

Diagnostics – Symptoms of periodontal disease manifestations are not difficult to recognize: acute pain when taking cold and hot food, a sense of tooth mobility, feeling as if the tooth has grown. It may also be swollen gums and cheek, plus the entire body temperature may rise. Health Fitness Program

When the acute pain in the tooth should not self-medicate and try to mute the pain. Yes, you can stop the pain for a while, but you do not cure the disease, so try in the near future to visit the dentist. It is not necessary to run this business, because the disease can develop into a purulent inflammation of the tissues of the face and neck, osteomyelitis, acute sepsis.


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