Joey Atlas Scam – Massage problem areas of the body

Massage problem areas of the body recommended to hard sponge. Make coffee body masks, cook olive-orange bath. If you are a mystery how to cook at home these tools and explain! To prepare the coffee body mask, you have to take the coffee grounds and add to it a little mineral water.

Check this link – If desired, add a small amount of blue clay. Mix all ingredients and apply to the skin, rub firmly, but do not hurt yourself. Very effective vinegar wraps problem areas. We need to take apple cider vinegar and mineral water in the ratio of 1:1. Liquid mix and add the essential oil of orange, lemon, rosemary or mint.

Apply the mixture on the affected cellulite areas. And then wrap with plastic wrap. Put on top of the “Bandage” warm clothing and actively wiggle, and after 30-60 minutes, rinse with a mixture of warm water and apply a moisturizer to the skin. But do not get hung up on how to lose weight quickly or make the skin perfectly smooth. Atlas Review

You must move the motivation, imagine yourself in an incredibly open bikini, buy jeans size smaller by 1-2 and continue to strive for their dreams. But go to the target slowly; take your time – so there is a risk to go the distance. The main piece of advice – to carry out daily light exercises more to be outdoors.


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