Joey Atlas Reviews – Speaking about the technique of procedure

Joey Atlas ReviewsSpeaking about the technique of procedure can distinguish two ways of running – “plucked” and “rolls over.” If you roll the massage is captured “roll” of the skin and moved it to a separate area of ​​the skin. The result – such a “wave” takes a deep massage of subcutaneous fat, thus breaking “bumps” cellulite.

Check this link – A hard as creating and rolling massage of skin folds are using special rollers. When plucked method is a deep grip fold of the skin, accompanied by special massage movements with anti-cellulite massage is influenced by subcutaneous fat layer and activates the metabolic processes in it.

When there is an increase in body temperature zone massage about 2 degrees, and improved blood circulation in the skin itself, the subcutaneous tissue, and in all systems and organs of the body. The result is a significant acceleration of the process of metabolism, and the released fat out of the body. Massage helps the production of collagen and elastin, which affects the achievement of the effect of the elastic skin. Joey Atlas Reviews =>

To combat the “orange peel” you need to follow a special cleansing diet, visit the SPA, sauna and carry out procedures mud wraps. Wrapping is applied on the skin of the problem areas of active followed shelter fabric or film. There is another effective way – ozone therapy for cellulite.


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