Joey Atlas Scam – The development of the first stage of cellulite

Another wake-up call for the development of the first stage of cellulite is considered to be an increase in the thighs and buttocks, resulting in the skin quickly lose its smoothness and elasticity.

Treatment at this stage of cellulite is quite simple, it is only necessary to lead an active lifestyle, fitness and most of the sauna and steam bath. The second stage of cellulite is initial. Joey Atlas Reviews

At this stage, one can contemplate the small seal skin that is well palpated. On the medical side, it is because the stored fat vessels, the result – a dense layer of fatty tissue begins to be visible on the surface of the problem areas.

In the second stage of cellulite you need to use a comprehensive program for enhanced treatment of cellulite, which includes: diet, exercise, vacuum massage, mud baths and, of course, anti-cellulite services offered by beauty salons. In the third stage of cellulite – micronodular, cellulite on the thighs and ass impossible not to notice.

At the touch of skin is rough, uneven with lots of knots. Another clear sign of the third stage is the loss of skin sensitivity. If you do not feel pinching, pain – this is a reason to sound the alarm! The goal – to break it, “honeycomb”, formed under the skin of the buttocks. Being at this stage of cellulite, you need to consult a qualified professional who will order the necessary treatment. Health Fitness


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