Truth about cellulite by Joey Atlas- Treatment effectiveness

Treatment should be made by at least two months the can improve the effectiveness of a cream cellulite.


Here are some ingredients tested and approved by its effects cellulite

Joey Atlas Reviews – Plant extracts as canella sciatica, green tea, arnica, gingko balboa, lemon, horsetail, fennel, strawberry, chestnut-India, chamomile, and from now on, Mira Pauma and casaba – they have anti-inflammatory effect, facilitate lymphatic drainage, toning and promote the site.

• Caffeine, thee phylum and amino phylum – are substances that stimulate the breakdown of fat.

• DMAE – ingredient that provides firmness, improving skin appearance.

• Methyl Nictitate – it causes a thermal shock and causes vasodilatation.

Focused ultrasound

Known to detect the fat cells and through the dermis to act against cellulite, their ultrasonic waves move the existing liquid de-structure and fibrosis that can be found in more advanced levels of discomfort. In addition to a good treatment improves the elasticity of the skin .

Physical exercises for Health Fitness

Exercises are always advised, since the aerobic such as running or walking, stimulate blood circulation and also assist in weight loss . As for weight, it is positive to stiffen and reduce the problem of sagging .

There are also indications that consumption prevents lung cancer , breast and prostate .

And the apple may be related to decreased risk of lung diseases for smokers. Such deeds are due to the action.


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